Hana Alfikih
Visual Artist
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Hana Alfikih or well known as Hana Madness, born in Jakarta on October 1992, is a visual artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She spent her childhood in a difficult environment which was not supportive to artistic development, and it was during her high school years that she found that art can be cathartic, helping her to maintain sanity amidst her psychological crisis. In 2012 was her first step in voicing mental health issues in various media in Indonesia based on her life experiences as a mentally disabled person by using art as a means to increase public awareness of mental health issues.
Most of Hana’s artworks represent her mental health conditions, ones which would eventually become her main inspirations and challenging sources. She never thought that art could take her this far, breaking down the stigma and discrimination that she had previously experienced and expanding her practices to an international level.